Atlantek Computers Ltd Service Fees

Broadband Services

Fibre 1000: €65 inc vat p/m, 12Mth Contract - Install Fee = €99

Fibre 1000: €65 inc vat p/m, 24Mth Contract - Install Fee = Free

Fibre 500: €45 inc vat p/m, 12Mth Contract - Install Fee = €99

Fibre 500: €45 inc vat p/m, 24Mth Contract - Install Fee = Free

Wireless 100: €59 inc vat p/m, 12Mth Contract - Install Fee = €249

Wireless 100: €59 inc vat p/m, 24Mth Contract - Install Fee = €139

Wireless 50: €49 inc vat p/m, 12Mth Contract - Install Fee = €249

Wireless 50: €49 inc vat p/m, 24Mth Contract - Install Fee = €139

Broadband Repair Price List

( Additional items or out of warranty items - Hardware replacement fees apply for storm or lightening damage, these faults are not covered by the standard 12mth warranty, Replacement Costs are as per the Price List below )

1. Non warranty Callout charge is €50 (Includes first hour onsite, additional hours are €30 per hour) **

2. 24v power supply for receiver €20

3. Re-program router in shop €10

4 Re-Program Router onsite inc callout €50

5. Replacement Programmed Router (collect from shop) €75

6. Replacement Programmed Router (inc callout) €125

7. Replacement Airmax Receiver €150

8. Replacement Limitless Receiver €249

9. De-Install / re-Install Receiver at new premises €150

Misc. Administration Charges

1. Unpaid accounts of failed direct debit payments are subject to a late payment charge of €10 and an interest charge of 1.5% per month on the outstanding balance.

2. Should it arise that a Customer’s service is disconnected by Atlantek Computers Limited following a payment failure, or non-payment, a reconnection charge of €40 shall be levied and must be paid by the Customer prior to reconnection by Atlantek Computers Limited).

3. If your electronic payment is rejected, or becomes, or is, invalid or unavailable, thereby preventing us from recovering the sums due under your account within 4 days following the due date for payment, we reserve the right immediately to withdraw your access to “the Broadband Services.” You will also be charged an administration fee of €10.

4. If, in response to our call/SMS, you provide us with your valid payment details so as to enable us to collect the sums due on your account, we will re-apply for payment. If your proposed electronic payment method is still rejected, invalid or unavailable, or if your account remains outstanding for any other reason, 7 days after the original due date for payment, then (i) you will be charged a further administration fee of €10 for the submission of a further warning letter, and (ii) a letter will be sent to you requesting the discharge of your account in full, and/or for appropriate arrangements to be made with us for your account to be discharged, which must be effected within 7 days from the letter, failing which we reserve the right to refer your outstanding account to Atlantek Computers Limited credit control department for collection and/or litigation.

5. If we are required to instruct our solicitors or other professional advisers to collect any outstanding sums on your account, you will be responsible for, and we will look to you to discharge those costs that are incurred by us in taking such action. Compound interest will be changed on all overdue accounts at the rate of 1.5% per month.

6. Fibre Install re-appointment Installation fee is €170 if first FREE appointment is missed by customer.

7. During the Cooling off period if the Customer requests Atlantek Computers Limited to visit their premises specifically to remove the equipment a callout fee of €80 will apply.

8. A static Public IP cost per annum is €50 per annum.

9. If a cherry picker is required to complete the installation the cost associated with be that of a local hire company. The additional cost will be the responsibility of the customer. They may choose to\ hire the equipment directly with the hire company. If Atlantek hires on their behalf the cost will still be the direct cost from the hire company which will be pre agreed with the customer in advance of proceeding with the hire or broadband installation.

(All quoted prices include VAT at the appropriate rate)